A Sunny Client journey ….

So what exactly is the magic and how does it happen?

  1. Initial vacancy discussion
    1. Is it part time or full time.
    1. Is it short term or long term
  2. Rates and Terms Of business agreed (if you are a new customer – get that awkward bit out of the way)
  3. Person specification, salary and Job description discussion – you may already have one or we may help write with you.
  4. The role is advertised
  5. We go fishing – in our own database and across the online sources (we cant give away all our secrets)
  6. Pif Paf poof – alacazam  – 3 shortlisted CV’s magically appear in your inbox
  7. You interview and offer to a perfect candidate!

For Example:

Names have been changed  to protect the innocent….

Client A- Fred

Fred runs a food manufacturing company an received a HUGE order from overseas. He rang us in a flap to ask if we could help him with staff. Which of course we did and do- on an adhoc basis. Whenever he gets an order in – he rings us and we find him staff for that day/evening/night which we of course make sure have the necessary rights to work, references checks etc and then payroll .

Client B – Veronica

Veronica is the Office Manager of an engineering firm. Her boss is not happy with some of the workforce and feels they need a shakeup. In the meantime, Veronica is in the firing line. We were able to reassure Veronica that she could take a well needed afternoon break whilst we got to work on recruiting some impressive candidates. She then forwarded on the CV’s to her boss who was suitably impressed. Interviews were arranged, candidates recruited on a temp to perm (try before you buy) basis and Veronica was able to concentrate on other aspects of her job whilst we handled the payroll management.

Client C – Julie

Julie was a small business wanting to expand but had little idea of where to start. We helped Julie to identify what her needs were and then helped her to write the job spec. We then advertised and head hunted and found a few suitable candidates. We sat in on the interviews with Julie and once the preferred candidate was selected, we helped Julie to understand the HR requirements of setting them up.

Client D – Geoff

Geoff is HR Manager of a branch of a global firm working in a highly regulated industry. We met Geoff at a networking event and in a discussion about recruitment, Geoff suggested that he needed to reach out to a specialist agency based in London to recruit a senior role. We asked for the opportunity to submit CV’s. This was 10 years ago and we have worked on sole agency basis ever since .

And they all lived happily ever after ….