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External Information

During the course of initial conversations, we will ask to see proof of your Right to Work in the UK. For most, this will be either your passport or birth certificate WITH proof of National insurance number. For those from overseas, you can assist us by following this link


If you are unable to go to work because of sickness or compassionate reasons then you must tell your contact at Sunny and your line manager at the earliest possible opportunity, no later than one hour before work begins. You may need to leave a message if it’s very early in the morning.

All eligable Sunny employees are entitled to claim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). Under the rules of SSP, the first 3 days of an illness are unpaid and then you may claim it from day 4 onwards. You may self certify for the first 7 days but after that, we would require you to submit a Doctors note

You can get up to £99.35 a week Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

To qualify for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) you must:

  • earn an average of at least £123 per week
  • have been ill for at least 4 days in a row (including non-working days)

For more information, please visit the Governments website

  • You may also choose to use up some of your holiday pay to cover off time off sick

Possibly. In certain circumstances, we may be able to organise non-paid leave; just give us a ring to see if this can be arranged.

You will see on the Timesheet Portal app (or on your online portal) a side note for holiday. From here you can enter the dates that you would like holiday pay for and how much you would like to be paid. You can also see how much you have accrued and been paid to date

TP has user guides available on the app and online platforms but always check in with your Sunny person for assistance

H'lidays Taken: O .00 
Dart Recruitment Ltd 
Tax Code: 
Payment Method: 
Payment Period: 
Use this figur 
Remaining: 28.00 
Total Gross Pay 
fw Tax 
Tax Paid 
Earnings for NI 
National Insurance 
Pension (Inc AVC & APC) 
Employer NI 
Employer Pension Inc APC 
Hd Fund Accrued 
240 13 
Total Gross Pay TD 
Gross for Tax TD 
Tax Pad TD 
Earnings NI TD 
National Irzurance TD 
Pension TD (Inc AVC) 
Pension TD 
Net Pay 

Your sage payslip also displays your holiday pot balance. You will need to download it and look for holiday fund b/f:

We now request that all new workers joining employers or attending site for interview, complete a short questionnaire regarding coronavirus to help reduce the spread. Whilst in our employment we request that you let us know as soon as you or any member of your household develop symptoms .

We are able to pay you statutory sick pay if a health professional has advised you to self isolate.

For latest information on Coronavirus please view the Welsh Government website

Yes – all PAYE temporary employees working through Dart get the statutory 28 days holiday per year (inclusive of bank holidays). Your holiday pay accrues in relation to the number of regular hours (not overtime) you work – it is currently calculated at 12.07%, so roughly speaking you earn one hour of holiday for every day you work. All work and no play is no good for anyone, so we strongly recommend you enjoy using up all your holiday.


We are legally required to enroll you automatically into a work place pension however occasionally employees prefer not to continue this

If you decide that you wish to opt out of your pension enrollment, you can do so by contacting Nest on 0300 020 0090 and requesting an opt out form or ,online using the details provided to you in your Nest welcome pack. 

More information on opting out can be found by clicking here 

Yes! Once we have finalised our pay run on a Wednesday, an email will be sent out to you, notifying you that you can login to our Sage portal to view the payslip. If you save the payslip as a PDF, your holiday balance can be viewed as a holiday fund b/f balance

Often we receive queries about tax codes and the amount of tax we deduct.

When you start working through us, we ask you to complete a HMRC form which allows us to set you up on an appropriate code but we often receive updates from HMRC via electronic messages through the ether to our payroll software which changes the code and the amount of tax deducted. Sometimes you will receive a rebate!

We would highly recommend you set op your own Government Gateway account with them if you haven’t already! You will then be able to see your current tax code, details of your earnings past and present, along with useful things like your state pension prediction and record of national insurance. From here you can query your tax code if you feel you are paying too much!

As always though, give us a shout if we can help with anything!

You’ll be pleased to know that all our temporary workers are paid weekly. We can’t pay you for work you havent done so you’ll always be working a week ‘in hand’.

Payday is Friday for all our temporary workers. Your payment will go directly into your bank account as if by magic.


You will be sent a link to login to the timesheet portal. From here you can enter your hours each week and then submit your timesheet to your line manager for approval.

Please make sure that you submit your hours into the correct date slot! A common mistake is to enter hours into the wrong week.

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