HR Hat on!

I recently got to experience life from the other side of the table : I had  put on my HR hat and set about recruiting for our team. Our resources were stretched to the max and yet I had put off the task as I didn’t have faith that I had the time or ability to train someone new whilst we are all working from home.

As a recruitment agency, we have access to literally thousands of candidates and my requirements were very vague – I knew I needed admin support and also wanted help with marketing however I was open to the idea of giving an opportunity to someone with little experience. With a background of 13 years in recruitment, I knew I could recruit – but was so spoilt for choice – like when we sign up to netflix for the first time – where do you start!

I decided to go down the application form route. I am used to seeing CV’s but on the application form (for which I used survey monkey) , i could gauge how “on brand” a potential marketing employee could be with regards to writing content and posting out to social media. When shortlisting and interviewing, I kept in mind our company values  and made sure the candidates were in line with those values

During my recruitment process I decided the role I had set out to recruit for would be better split so ended up recruiting two lovely new people instead of 1. And they are proving to be marvellous and fitting in with the team very well! And with a crash course in Microsoft Teams and the frequent appearance of my 6 year old, we are getting on with training very well. I am looking forward to working with them in the office as I feel often you learn best form absorbing the atmosphere and listening to others – but so far so good.

Rejecting the unsuccessful candidates is always the tough part! And making decisions that have such a large impact on a persons life, has to be thought through very carefully.

I have really enjoyed this experience though and am excited to work with clients on helping their recruitment process go smoothly too