Putting the right foot first! What to wear for a job interview?

Dressing appropriately for a pending job interview can be a difficult task itself! In addition to the pre-planning and preparation of learning about the company that you are interviewing for coupled with potential job interview nerves, considering what to wear can be another thing for a candidate to worry about! Fear not as Sunny as here to offer you some friendly advice on how to ace your job interview attire. 

If your assignment is office based, then you will need to dress in a sober and professional style. What you wear says a lot about you and remember that first impressions count! If you think your attire might be leaning on the more risqué side, then it is best to play it safe and wear something you know is professional and wait until you have secured and settled into the role before you decide to wear something more informal.

This of course does not apply to every candidate that Sunny looks after! Some of our candidates undertake job interviews for a vast range of roles. For example, if you are interviewing for a non-office-based role, then the company may already have a workplace uniform for you. But if not, you may need to wear warm or old clothing, depending on the job. If you’re unsure, ask your Sunny representative whether you’ll need protective clothing such as;

So, to ensure that when you arrive, you are wearing the correct clothing and can start work straight away. In some places of work, employers will issue you with an ID badge. This will allow you access onto site or place of work. Remember to wear it all times, for employers and fellow colleagues to recognise you!

Video Interviews

Conducting a video interview has become more commonplace due to Covid restrictions. Treat the interview the same as any other interview. Wearing certain items of clothing could give employers the wrong impression and lead to you not landing the role.

If the role is leading to an office based position then a shirt and trousers is a safe and professional option.

Consider Confidentiality!

Please be mindful that when discussing your work with any friends or family members, you treat any information about company products, processes or general business with confidentiality and not share it with anyone from outside the company. This same general rule of thumb goes for taking any materials and paperwork from off site for any reason. If you do so, there should be written permission or a sign-out sheet for any exceptions.

As tempting as it is to check social media throughout the day, refrain from using your phone unless it is work related. The same goes for email and internet use.

Hopefully these tips will guide you along the process of deciding what to wear for your job interview. As always #TeamSunny are happy to help with finding a suitable role in the Food/Drink, Oil, Gas and Renewables, Pharmaceutical, Finance and Accounting, Engineering, Construction or Administration Industry.