Sunny recruits nationally!

Some people recognise Sunny as being a company local to West Wales BUT did you also know that we also recruit nationally!  Due to the specialisms of some roles, often we are required to look for candidates UK wide and attract them to the  roles in this area. In addition, we are able to work with companies outside the area and fill roles with candidates local to them.  ‘Is the process the same I hear you ask?’ 

Well, yes! We still have a huge number of potential candidates that are fit for the vacancies. The only difference is that by recruiting nationally we open ourselves up to a larger pool of candidates so the competition can be higher. 

We also are a very proactive agency and go looking for candidates – not just wait for the applications to roll in. We know that roles in more populated areas will attract higher volume of applications- 100’s per vacancy usually . But that doesn’t mean it should discourage you from applying for your dream job! We’re still at the end of the phone listening and processing each candidate individually. 

Some things to remember before applying; 

  1. If you are shortlisted, we will need to ask you for your ID  on a video call so be sure that you have it to hand. (This is just for verifying your identity and double checking you are who you say you are!) 
  2. Make sure your CV is full of all your relevant skills and experience and lists all training etc. The more you’re skills align with the job description, the better the chance of potentially securing a role will be.