Why rebrand?

Many years ago in a galaxy far far away ……..(well actually in a little office with wonky floor, above a sandwich shop in Carmarthen)…. Two people sat pondering. …

Ben , Lisa and the team were then working under the name “Staffline Wales” however change was afoot…. Our recruitment style at the time was very much about targeting the right candidates for our   engineering, aerospace and pharmaceutical clients and so it felt right to call ourselves “Dart” Recruitment (Darts- Targets…get it)

Fast forward 10 years – the team dynamic has changed and client base has grown. We now service a wider industry spectrum and our recruitment style is more candidate receptive than before. So we asked designers to help update, soften and bring something new to our website and logo …but we soon realised you can’t soften a DART?  Redesigned logos didn’t look right.

We took advice from local branding experts Highly who took us on a journey of self discovery and helped us consider a new brand that reflected our current style and team

We then enlisted the help of Obi Media and Curious to create a new website for the brand that Highly helped us create!

We are so excited to share this with you and shout about it from the top of  PenyFan to the Preseli’s and across social media …… We are proud of our achievements as Dart Recruitment and can’t wait to build upon this as “Sunny”